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Debt Ceiling Debate Letter for Clients - What is the debt ceiling? What would happen if the debt ceiling isn't raised? Haven't we survived government shortfalls in the past?

Huntington Township Chamber of Commerce Installs New Board - On the eve of Memorial Day weekend, VILLAGE TATTLER received notice that the Huntington Township Chamber of Commerce endorsed the Avalon Bay project. From your numerous comments, it appears many of TATTLER readers where not happy with that decision. Well…

Six Myths About Investing in Dividend Stocks - Rebecca L. McClay of MarketWatch wrote this about dividend stocks. Don't dismiss dividend-paying stocks Lawrence Carrel, author of "Dividend Stocks for Dummies," advocates for dividend-heavy portfolios, saying volatile markets are a ripe time to pick paying stocks. With stock values unpredictable, investors find comfort in knowing that they will at least be paid the dividend even if they lose out on stock value, he said.

Charity Begins at Home - In philanthropy, giving until it hurts can take a truly painful meaning. Bitter tax bites for the benefactor and beneficiary and times when donations go mostly to organizational expenses instead of the actual cause are true risks. But proper planning can help donors avoid unanticipated and often unpleasant financial hurdles, while maximizing the personal benefits of ...

Tax Relief Act: Extensions Spell Relief for Investors - The tug-of-war between deficit reduction and tax relief has been settled – for now. Setting aside the need to balance the Federal budget, Congress acted instead on behalf of the taxpayer.

The Benefits of Moving to the Consultative Approach—and How to Do It Right - In late 2008, many advisors watched as the market crashed and clients left in droves. Jason Cowans, on the other hand, lost not a single account. Why? In 2005, after completing stints at several warehouses, Cowans had started his own practice, merging it two years later with two others to form Highland Advisory Group, a boutique firm located in Chandler, Ariz. As a result, instead of mostly trying to sell products, he now provided fee-based financial planning services to clients with whom he had deep relationships. "I don't lose people if there's bad performance in the market," he says. "They know I'm with them for the long-term."

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