Why the Owl??

Our Logo

Our Logo

What is the meaning of the owls everywhere?

While I was growing up my dad worked in NYC and mom was a stay at home mom taking care of three boys. I am the oldest and would try anything fun. When I did something ‘daring’ (meaning stupid) my mom would sit me down next to her desk and discuss my ill-fated adventure. Most of them resulting in cuts and bruises, sometimes broken bones and stitches.

While sitting and listening to mom about life lessons– she always had a way with words. I would stare at a small pewter piece mom had on her desk. It was a mother owl and her two small baby owls on a branch. Mom was an Audubon bird lover. Those owls always made me think of the wisdom she had and shared with me.

In ‘86 we lost our parents in a tragic automobile accident. I found the pewter owl piece is a reminder of mom and her wisdom. 

When I started my investment/financial company I additionally studied for the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation so I can be a true fiduciary for my clients. I am not obliged to settle for investments for my clients – I seek out the best for their needs. 

I spent some time and thought on logos and what to present as my message. I turned and saw the pewter owl that reminded me of my mom, and it all fell into place.  I use the owls as part of my company, and it represents wisdom, safety and love of family to me. Something I try to instill in my clients – That we are here to give them the best guidance we can and to find the investments which fit your personal and specific needs. On top of that I am sure to be there in times of turmoil to be a calming factor and to remind them their mission/goal is long term.

Jon is an avid sailor

What am I going to name my sailboat?  It came to me when I was at my Prep School reunion walking up to the assistant headmaster’s house. A friend and I were trying to come up with a name for my new boat and it was suggested “Owl” and I added “Nest” which is a great memory of mom. ‘Owl’s Nest’ – A protective place where one can feel safe. I am now on my 4th Owl’s Nest and they have all keep me safe and are so fun to sail.

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