Workshops And Seminars

Workshops will start at 4:00 PM and end by 5:00 PM and be held monthly on the first Tuesday of each month in the conference room of Ten Haagen Financial Group, 191 New York Avenue, Huntington, NY 11743. Call Gail Rebalko to reserve a seat @631-425-1966. These workshops can be done in your school if you will organize a group of five (5) or more.


What is the difference between a traditional IRA and a ROTH IRA? Do you qualify for either? What is the smartest way to rollover an IRA? Are your beneficiary designations proper or will your heirs get hit with big taxes? Who can inherit your IRA tax-free? Is your IRA Invested properly for diversification, asset allocation and your risk tolerances? Are you aware of the 90-24 transfer? See how this can work to your advantage!


Do I have the proper insurance for my needs? Do I have the proper amount of insurance to properly protect my fanily? Are my beneficiary designations correct to be sure my monies go where I want them to? Do I still need the insurance policies I've had for decades? Are there better policies with better riders? There will be no meetings in July or August, however, we will resume in September and throughout the school year.

Is there a financial topic you would like to know more about? We can customize a program for your specific needs. Do you belong to an outside group which would like a program for their members. Please give us a call. 631-425-1966.


We will discuss what forms are needed to start your retirement savings plan. How much should I start with? Should I invest the maximum? Of the choices available to me, how do I choose the one best suited for my personal needs and risk tolerances? How often should I review my portfolio?


A discussion on what you need to do now to help achieve a comfortable retirement. What's new in estate planning relating to tax law changes? How much income will I need in retirement? Are all my beneficiary designations correct?

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